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Agent for descaling, de-rusting and decrustation from internal and external surfaces of heat-exchanger tubes, boilers, condensators, heating systems, diesel electric heating elements, turbines, pumps and other heating facilities, as well as de-rusting and decrustation of metal structures before painting.
This product can be applied in different enterprise sectors as energetics, heating supply systems, municipal services, municipal water supply, boiler stations and in heating systems and vehicle water supply. 


The scaling on internal surfaces of heating facilities is an immediate problem connected with energy efficiency. It should be noted that a 1mm scaling thickness on boilers and heat-exchangers results in a 6-8% excess fuel flow. In cases of insufficient water treatment the scaling thickness could be 4-6mm resulting in excess fuel flow of 35-50%. In terms of money the financial losses of a company could be tens to hundreds million roubles.
The Company “Novochem” LtD. in collobaration with Tomsk State University have developed and produced such a product as “Antirzhavin” - unique complexing agent for scaling in heating equipment ( heat-exchanger equipment, boilers, heating systems, heating elements, pipelines, etc.).
“Antirzhavin” has several advantages to existing domestic analogues:

Due to its unique composition “Antirzhavin” attacks a whole range of complex inorganic sediments. As scaling is soluble, there is no risk of blocking in the equipment or systems due to undissolved residue;

  1. “Antirzhavin” is an active corrosion agent in treating complex technical equipment of different metals and alloys, including brass and copper; non-corrosive on surfaces and without destroying spacing elements, seals, units, welded seams providing high efficiency in decrustation and anti-corrosion metal protection;
  2. Surface passivation, i.e. use a protective material to creat a shell against rust occurs after sediment interaction and scaling;
  3. Antirzhavin” provides effective de-rusting during 6-8 hours without short-term equipment demounting, which, in its turn, enables treatment even during winter;
  4. Antirzhavin” significantly increases heat equipment service life and, consequently, reducing component replacement expenses.
  5. Agent is a concentrated product and can be dissolved in water  in large proportions,

As an mineral scaling agent “Antirzhavin is applied in treating different heating equipment, boilers, heating systems, heating units and pipelines.
“Antirzhavin” has been successfully tested and is now being applied in more than four housing services and utilities enterprises throughout Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Italy and others. 

This agent is an optimized mixture of minerals and organic acids, complexones, effective corrosive inhibitors and functional additives.
The concentrate is dissolved in 1:5 – 1: 15 water potency depending on the quantity and type of scales.  
“Antirzhavin” includes such new components that dissolve scale more rapidly and effectively than mineral acids, while the corrosive effect on metals is lower ( not higher than  permissible values). 

Appearance Liquid of yellow to dark brown

Corrosion activity per 3 st. of water-bases agent 1:5, gr/cm2 hr

not more than 0,25
Density, gr/cm3 1,10-1,35
Package plastic containers 20-200 liters


According to Russian State Standard GOST 12.1.007 this product is classified as hazard category 3 ( moderately hazardous substance).  Contains acid. Corrosive substance. Reacting with water  expelled hydrogen fluorine affects respiratory organs and skin. Irritates in case of  contact with digestive tract, skin  and eyes.


Personal protective equipment (PPE): safety glasses, rubber gloves, protective clothes, respirator RPG-67 (with cartridge “B”)

H315; H319; H335;

Антиржавин - сертификат соответствияАнтиржавин - отказное письмо
Отложения, накипь, ржавчина, гидрохимическая промывка, промывка оборудования, очистка котлов, очистка теплообменников, промывка отопительных систем, средство для удаления накипи, ржавчины, отложений

ТУ 2458-001-67017122-2011

Producer: «Novochem» LtD