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Agent is applied  for mineral scaling (including carboxylates, ferric oxides) of well equipment , downhole pump equipment, bottom-hole treatment, discharge manifolds and pipelines. 


To exclude such a problem as scaling in downhole equipment, the company “Novochem” LtD. in colloboration with Tomsk State University have developed and produced innovative complexing agent “AldoKAS-1”.
It is a well-known fact that during petroleum production scale precipitation (salt) forms on downhole equipment, which, in its turn, results in well production rate decrease, electrical submersible pump unit (ESP) friction,  pipe plugging, i.e. breakdown. The most widely used treatment method is  acid flushing.
“AldoKAS-1” significantly prevails over hydrochloric and orthophosphric acids, as well as complexing chemical reagents avaiable in the domestic market today.

  1. Due to its complex composition, this agent ensures high reaction rate, affects composite scale precipitation. 
  2. The agent is an active corrosion agent in treating complex technical equipment of different metals and alloys, including brass and copper; non-corrosive on surfaces and without destroying spacing elements, seals, units, welded seams, indicating high decrustation effectiveness  and anti-corrosion protection, even at 90 °С.
  3. AldoKAS-1” has a rather high decrustation rate, i.e. 2.5 to 1 in comparison to hydrochloric acid.
  4. This agent is a concentrate which has the following advantages: reducing expenses involved in its transportation to the oil field and expenses for container utilization.
  5. The application of “AldoKAAS-1” in flushing wellhole equipment significantly increases their life service and decreases replacement costs, respectively. 

The agent for scale precipitation “AldoKAS-1” can be applied in the following petroleum industry facilities: 

  • treatment of scale particles on wellhole equipment- ESP (electrical submersible pump), sucker-rod pumping unit, non-return valves, filters, etc.;
  • treatment of producing string, production lines, flowlines, pipelines of formation pressure maintenance systems;
  • treatment of oil and gas bottom-hole zones.

Nowadays, “AldoKAS-1” is successfully being applied in numerous enterprises in Tomsk and Tomsk Oblast, such as “Tomsk neft”LtD., JSC “Tomskgasprom”, “Sredne-Vasugansk Oil Field” LtD. and others.

This agent is an optimized mixture of organic and inorganic acids, complexones, active corrosive inhibitors and functional additives.
Concentrate should be a water dilution of 1:10 – 1:20, depending on the scale quantity and type.
“AldoKAS-1” dissolves scale precipitation significantly rapidly and more effectively than organic acids, while corosion activity on metals is several-fold lower, even under high temperatures. 
This reagent is certified to be applied in technological petroleum production process and petroleum transportation (chemical product certification № 153.39.RU.245830.04915.11.12).


Appearance Liquid of yellow to dark brown 

Corrosion activity per 3 st. of water-based agent 1:5, gr/cmhr.

not more than 0.25
Density, gr/cm3 1,10-1,35
Package plastic containers of 20-200 liters


According to Russian State Standard GOST 12.1.007 this product is classified as hazard category 3 ( moderately hazardous substance).  Contains acid. Corrosive substance. Irritates in case of  contact with respiratory tract, skin  and eyes .

Personal protective equipment (PPE): safety glasses, rubber gloves, protective clothes, respirator RPG-67 (with cartridge “B”)

H315; H319; H335

АльдоКАС-1 - сертификат соотвествия
Минеральные отложения, солевые отложения, подклинивание УЭЦН, очистка насосно-компрассорных труб (НКТ), Очистка нефтяных скважин от солей, кислотная обработка скважин

ТУ 2458-007-67017122-2012

Producer: «Novochem» LtD