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This agent is applied in prevention and enforced disinfection in:

  • cattle-breeding, including poultry and fur farms embracing production facilities, support services and facilities for cattle-breeding and cattle-keeping equipment; 
  • production facilities and technological equipment of diseased animal slaughter in meat processing plants and slaughter units, i.e. cattle-breeding (poultry and fur farms), feed processing buildings, storage containers and fodder transportation, warehouses and other utility rooms;
  • automobile transport, railway cars and other transportation facilities used for animals and animal-based feedstock, as well as open objects (ramps, rumps, platforms), animal concentration (accomodation, territories and other objects of preslaughter care), markets, exhibition, recreation ground, etc.
  • personnel overalls. 


Non-formaldehyde agent for veterinary facilities and prevention of animal infection diseases.

This agent is a water concentration containing glyoxal, alkyldimethybenzylammonium chloride (С12-С14), N-methylimidazole and functional components.  

The agent has a wide range of activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria (including Mycobacterium tuberculosis), virus ( including African swine fever virus) and fungi.

It is applied in centers of ASF(African swine fever) contagion to disinfect veterinary facilities; to complete inactivation of ASF virus and its further containment, as well as prevention of its dissemination (recommended by Russian Research Institute of Verterinary Virology and Microbiology, Russian Agriculture Academy).

Agent is a deodorizer.

In accordance to instructions disinfection agent “Dinovis” is applied for veterinary facilities and prevention of animal infection diseases (July 30, 2013).

Pharmaceutical form and presentation: Plastic bottles of 1 liter, euro-containers of 5l., containers of 20 l.
Certificate in accordance to GOST R: ROSS RU. AB11.H00397
Declaration of Compliance:ROSS RU.AB11.Д00761


According to Russian State Standard GOST 12.1.007 this product is classified as hazard category 4 (moderately hazardous substance). Mild percutaneous action; irritates eyes. 

Personal protective equipment (PPE): safety glasses, rubber gloves, protective clothes,
respirator RPG-67 (with cartridge “A”)

H319; H315; H302;

Диновис - заключение об активности по отношению к вирусу Африканской чумы свинейДиновис - сертификат соответсвияДиновис - декларация о соотвествии

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